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  • Michael Goode

Cybersecurity in 2022 and what it means for Small and Medium Business

Cybersecurity is Changing. The daily litany of cyberattacks and endless reporting of breached data is just the tip of the iceberg for what is coming next. Security teams are focused on treating the symptoms of attacks and breaches instead of the root causes of the underlying conditions of those breaches. We keep building fancy new Fire trucks and new Fire stations instead of focusing on Fire prevention!

Organized Criminal Hackers are targeting Small to Medium Businesses, Schools, Municipalities, and Startups because they realize these are likely to be the most vulnerable targets. It is like lions hunting and separating the weak from the herd.

These types of organizations must act now. Understand your data and your attack surfaces and implement preventative measures.

Cyber Resiliency can and should be a must-have for any size organization. This includes:

1. Visibility and Context

2. Risk Management (including vulnerability management, configuration hygiene, multi-factor authentication, etc.)

3. Detection and Response

4. Continuous Compliance

Goode Cyber Security uses our proprietary Cybersecurity Risk algorithm to give you a baseline assessment of your organization’s current cyber resiliency. Cybersecurity is about understanding your data and attack surfaces.

Do Nothing, Risk Everything!!

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